Ok, I finished all of the hard, fun, sad, stressful, exciting, annoying things.

And now, I have a horrible toothache.  I'm not kidding, it's bad.

Because I can't tolerate any super effective painkillers, and I am allergic to ibuprofen, I can take only tylenol.  

My husband went to Bend last week to move our son Elias into his fairly awful apartment.  Elias and his room mate are both 18 and have no credit, and because they are relocating, no jobs.  So I co-signed and they got it.  This is a short version of a long story. Bend, OR has an extremely competitive rental market, I spent untold hours and dollars applying, in competition with dozens of others (zillow shows you how many applications have been submitted for each unit).  In the end, these two 18 year old boys got this apartment that no one else wanted, largely because it came furnished with the very most cheap and unattractive furniture ever from the 1980's.  It's gross.  But I wouldn't rent to two 18 year boys either so we are grateful.  My husband, Pat, actually got permission and replaced the SHAG CARPET in the bathroom with linoleum.  

I went up for a night on Thursday and did a bunch of errand running with Elias on Friday morning.  He is very happy to have his own place, is applying for jobs now. He likes school fine, that's all he said about it. We got bath mats and light bulbs and cheap rugs to cover up the carpet in the kitchen he is very worried about staining.  We went on a quick sight seeing tour, I know Bend a little better than he does because he only ever goes snowboarding or skateboarding there.

We ended our fun day at Smith Rock and it was breathtaking.

We didn't have time or really the desire to go on a long hike and explore this trip, but I wanted him to see it and know what was right there.  I knew he'd be impressed and I was right.  He took a photo of me soaking my hot feet (my feet are always hot) and then I even got posted on his instagram, for the very first time ever, so I feel special.

At his request, we went to Chick Fil A, I had never been.  So we introduced each other to things we care about.  I still prefer In and Out, but I am always happy when my kids share their lives with me, all things, big or small.

So, now I am home, with an empty nest, a store to get ready to open, and a toothache to deal with.  I have to say, my dread of the changes of the summer were far worse than the actual events themselves.  Now I am on my own to contend with all the consequences of leaning on into my anxiety.  I'll get back to walking, do better with protecting my sleep schedule and clean out my cupboards.  Hopefully I can wear any of my pants by the time it's time to appear professional at the store.  No grand open date yet, but I am turning my full attention to it this week (aside from dentist appointments).

I hope you have a lovely autumn week. 🍁


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